Go The Distance

This seven-module core program provides faculty with a student experience, while meeting the needs of those with diverse teaching roles. The course models the practices and strategies we use when developing online courses for Bama By Distance students. Instructors will experience a variety of content delivery methods within the course, including readings, interactive activities, videos, and course assignments. You will also have the opportunity to create components that can be used in managing and delivering your online courses. Completion of the course earns a digital credential in Online Teaching Best Practices, or you can earn an Advanced Credential in Online Teaching Best Practices by completing a set of optional advanced activities.

It’s important to keep your online teaching skills up-to-date, so continuing education will be an important component of the program. Training opportunities throughout the year will include workshops with a focus on pedagogy, practical strategies, and effective practice. On-demand materials will also be available for faculty who need just-in-time training.

For more information or to register for Go The Distance, email Cheryl Bosarge.