If you would like to add an item to your course Sidebar (Course Tools Menu), notice it is missing something, or accidentally delete an item, the following information may be helpful.

  1. Access the “Add Menu Item” button (Plus Sign at top left of Course Tools Menu) by hovering your mouse over it.
    Plus Sign on Course Tools Menu
  2. Here you will see several options, but will most likely only ever need “Tool Link“, “Web Link“, or “Course Link.
    Plus Sign Menu

    1. Content Area: this creates a blank content area where you may can create items such as files, images, videos, links, assignments, or deploy tests.
    2. Tool Link: This adds a sidebar link for the tools available in your course such as Blackboard Collaborate (Scheduling Manager), Blogs, Discussion boards, Groups, Grades, etc…
    3. Web Link: This item allows you to add links to external websites by entering the address into the “URL” field and naming it however you’d like it displayed to students in the “Name” field.
    4. Course Link: This item allows you to link to content already present in your course by clicking “Browse” (opens a pop up window with an outline of your course items). From the browse window you will see a simplified tree style structure representing your entire course and all of the link-able items within.
      1. NOTE: As we are moving from the traditional HTML page format for online courses to a Native Build format some of these instructions may become obsolete in time, we always encourage instructors to contact us for any clarification or questions by Phone: (866) 205-1011 or email techsupport@ccs.ua.edu.
  3. If you did not check the box for “Available to Users” when creating the link, you may access the context menu by hovering your mouse over the item and clicking the small circle which appears to the right, then selecting “Show Link” (Note: links may also be hidden form students this way by selecting “Hide Link”).
    Hidden and visible tool links
  4. Notice when hovering your mouse on an item you should also see a connected up/down arrow appear to the left, click and hold on this arrow then drag your mouse up or down to change the items position in the menu.

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