Quality Matters™ is a faculty-centered, peer reviewed process that is grounded in research and designed to ensure the quality of online courses. The components of Quality Matters™ include a set of standards for online course design, a peer-review process for application of those standards, and continuous improvement of your online course.

To learn more about Quality Matters™, view their overview presentation (pdf slides), or visit their “Why QM?” page and create your free account.

Getting Started – QM Professional Development

Training Schedule

As an employee of a member institution, all UA faculty and staff may create an account with Quality Matters and take advantage of their free QM Success Stories webinars. Other fee-based professional development opportunities are also available. You may be eligible to have your fees paid by the College of Continuing Studies. Visit our Training Schedule for more information.

QM Teaching Online Certificate

QM’s Teaching Online Certificate, a rigorous 7-workshop series that provides a student experience for participants, represents mastery of online teaching competencies. The College of Continuing Studies periodically offers the opportunity to complete the Teaching Online Certificate, at no cost to the participant.

Other QM Professional Development

The College of Continuing Studies offers several other professional development opportunities to support your course quality and online teaching efforts, including Introduction to Quality Matters (INTRO2QM) and Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR).

Next Steps

Working with an Instructional Designer

Our instructional Designers are experts in designing courses that meet Quality Matters standards. To better prepare you to work with an instructional designer, or to get started improving your own online course, refer to our Course Quality Checklists and Toolkits.

Preparing for a Course Review

Quality Matters Course Reviews are designed for mature courses that have been taught previously and/or for courses that are fully developed online (including blended formats) such that reviewers can see all evaluated components. See how you can begin preparing for an Official Course Review.

Official Course Reviews

Are you ready to submit your course for an Official Course Review? Here’s what you need to know to initiate the Course Review Process.

Program Certifications

In addition to Official Course Reviews, Quality Matters has created a series of Program Certifications related to online teaching and learning. Visit the QM website for more information about Program Certification and to view the Annotated Program Criteria.

More Information


For answers to frequently asked questions about Quality Matters at UA, the course review process, or program certification, visit our FAQs page.

QM Coordinators

For more information about your Quality Matters™ membership or available training opportunities, contact one of your QM Coordinators:

Cheryl Bosarge, clbosarge@ua.edu, 205-348-4860
Amanda McDonald, almcdonald@ua.edu, 205-348-5422



For Faculty Development and Training Contact:

 Email Cheryl Bosarge

Phone:  (205) 348-4860

For Technical Support Contact:

 Email Technical Support

Phone:  (866) 205-1011