The following will detail the steps required to add a Mail link to your Course Menu which makes course messaging available.

Below is a video that shows you step by step how to use Mail and Course Messages in Blackboard. Below the video, you’ll find step-by-step instructions you can print.

    1. Click the + sign at the top left-hand side of your Course Menu and select Tool Link from the drop-down menu.
      Course Menu Tool Link
    2. Type the name you’d like to be displayed to students (usually “Mail” or “Course Email”) in the Name field.
      Tool Links
    3. In the drop-down menu for Type select either Course Messages or Email, you should now see the link you create on your Course Menu.
      1. Course Messages is an internal messaging tool that keeps messages inside Blackboard Learn (This is the preferred tool for most instructors).
        Course Messages
      2. Email is an external messaging tool that allows you to email students through an external host.
        Send Email
    4. Feel free to set up and configure both tools and then choose which tool you feel more comfortable with.

NOTE: Always feel free to call tech support at (866) 205-1011 if you have questions or concerns regarding your forum configuration and how it should relate to your particular needs.

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