Below is a video that shows you step by step on how to create a discussion board. Below the video you’ll find step by step instructions you can print.

Click your Discussions link on your Course Menu to access the Discussion Board. The following information covers the customizable settings available for discussions.

To create a new forum click the Create Forum button located on the left-hand side of the black header bar at the top of the screen.

Discussion Board - Create Forum

  • Forum Information: Enter a name & description.
    Forum Information
  • Forum Availability: Configure availability status as well as dates/times.
    Forum Availability
  • Forum Settings: Here you can configure grading and various other options for the forum and threads.”Allow Author to Delete Own Posts“, “Allow Author to Edit Own Published Posts” & “Allow Members to Create New Threads” should be considered as well depending on the nature of the discussion. The rest of the options are usually left as default besides a few special circumstances.
    Forum Settings
  • Submit: Once you have everything configured to your liking simply click the Submit button.

NOTE: Always feel free to call tech support at (866) 205-1011 if you have questions or concerns regarding your forum configuration and how it should relate to your particular needs.