How do I add/modify questions in a test?

Below is a video that shows you step by step how to build a test. Below the video, you’ll find step-by-step instructions you can print.


  • To access these features, hover over the assessment you wish to edit. Then click on the grey circle that appears next to the title. This should make a drop-down menu appear. select the first option Edit the Test.
    The gray circle menu showing the Edit the Test option.
  • The next area allows you to create or modify both question text and question values. It is important to remember that once a test has attempts submitted by students the question text can no longer be modified nor can new questions be added.
    1. Create Question: Hovering your mouse over this area will allow you to choose what kind of question you would like to create.
    2. Reuse Question:  Hovering over this area will allow you to choose an existing assessment to pull questions from. This option also allows for creating Question Sets and Random Blocks of questions.
    3. General Information: This area contains the description(if one has been created), instructions, total questions, and total points for the assessment.
    4. Question Settings: This area contains options that can be enabled or disabled in the previous view, including the ability to add feedback for individual answers.
    5. Use the Grey Circle menu to edit individual question options such as feedback, question text, answer display, and correct answers.
    6. The green checkmark indicates the currently set correct answer for the question.
    7. Points: Displays the current value of the question.

The Test Canvas showing options to add, edit, and reorder questions, as well as review a test.

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