Learn how to add content.

Below is a video that shows you step by step how to add content. Below the video, you’ll find step-by-step instructions you can print.


  1. Once you are in Blackboard, select a course. You will begin at your course entry point, which by default is the My Alerts page until content is added to the Course Homepage.
  2. Make sure Edit Mode is On.
    Edit Mode On
  3. Click on Course Home Page in the course menu.
    Course Home Page Link
  4. Here you can add files to share content with your students. Choose Build Content from the content area menu, then File. File creates a link in the content area that opens a document. PDFs are ideal for read-only type documents such as syllabi and schedules.
    Course Homepage
  5. Name your file in the text box, then click Browser My Computer to find your file. In this case, we are uploading a syllabus. Click submit after you have chosen your file.
  6. We recommend the default File Options. Opening the file in a New Window can be problematic for screen reader applications, making the content inaccessible.
  7. In the Standard Options section, you can determine whether the file will be visible to students, track the number of views and specify when the file will be available.
    Create File

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