Learn how to add an assignment.

Below is a video that shows you step by step on how to add an assignment.  Below the video you’ll find step by step instructions you can print.


  1. Within the content area where you would like your assignment to be created hover your mouse over Assessments and click Assignment in the drop
    down menu.
    Add Assignment
  2. Assignment Information: Enter a name and description.
    Assignment Information
  3. Assignment Files: Attach any files associated with the assignment by browsing your computer, the content collection, or cloud storage (This should not include large media files).
    Assignment Files
  4. Due Dates: Enter the date after which assignment submissions will be marked as late in the Grade Center.
    Due Dates
  5. Grading: Choose the total possible points for the assignment and select or create a rubric.
  6. Submission Details: Here you can choose whether this will be an Individual Assignment or Group Assignment as well as the number of allowed attempts. Group assignments only require one student from the group to submit the assignment for the submission to show for all group members. If multiple attempts are allowed you may also choose how blackboard will decide which attempt to base the grade on.Submission Details
  7. Display of Grades: Here you can choose how the grades will be displayed in both the Grade Center (Instructors) as well as My Grades (Students).
    Display of Grades
  8. Availability: Uncheck the “Make the Assignment Available” box if you do not want students to have access to the assignment link (Instructors will still have access). By default, the assignment will have unlimited availability, unless the Display After and Display until boxes are checked and dates are selected.

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