Blackboard is the primary way that faculty put courses online. The information below will help you as you learn to navigate your courses that have moved online.

Access Your Course

There are two ways to access your course:

  1. Directly at the Blackboard Learn website. Use your myBama credentials to log in.
  2. Through the myBama page. Use your myBama credentials to log in. Once in myBama, select the “Blackboard” icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access your classes.

Navigating a Course

Courses created through Bama By Distance have a somewhat standardized layout. This may not be the case for courses that were moved from on-campus courses, but the video below should give you a general idea of how to navigate a typical course. Even if your course is not put together in quite the same way as the video describes, this should be helpful in getting you oriented.

Syllabus and Course Schedule

Your instructor should upload a syllabus, course schedule or both depending on what has changed with the move to online classes. Look for the place where your instructor has uploaded these files, and reach out to the instructor if the class schedule or other expectations are unclear. The video below describes where to find these documents in a typical online course.

Announcements and Communication With Your Professor

In an online class, professors often communicate information with the class by posting announcements at your “My Alerts” area, which you can access via the Course Menu on the left. Your professor’s announcements may include helpful reminders, valuable tips and important updates. Check the announcements daily so that you do not miss important information from your professor!

You have an open channel of communication with your professor through email, which is part of every class you take at UA. There are two main types of email used in UA courses:

  1. Course Messages: This email is housed inside your Blackboard course.  You must log in to your Blackboard course to write a message to your professor, and you must log in again later to see your professor’s response.
  2. Course Email: This email is composed inside Blackboard, but sends out to you and your professor’s UA email accounts.  You log in to your Blackboard course to write a message to your professor, but you log in later to your Crimson Mail to see your professor’s response.

Read your syllabus carefully to find out which kind of email your professor uses for communication with your class (Course Messages or Course Email).

Check email for your class every day!  Also, look on your syllabus for other ways of contacting your professor — like her/his phone number, or online office hours through Blackboard Collaborate web-conferencing.

Submitting Assignments

While your instructor may have you email assignments, many courses will have assignments that you submit in Blackboard. Watch the video below for instructions on how to submit assignments.

Keeping Up With Grades

“My Grades” is the online gradebook featured in most online courses at UA, where you can review your grades and your professor’s feedback as you progress through the course. Only tests, quizzes and assignments that are built in Blackboard will show up here automatically – it will be up to your instructor to include other grades here. See the video below for more information.

At the end of the semester, your final course grade — the grade that forms part of your academic transcript — will be reported in myBama.  The following video walks you through the steps to see your final grades in myBama.

More Information About Blackboard

Blackboard provides a significant amount of information for how to get around and use their software.

The College of Continuing Studies Technical Support for online students also maintains a large list of support articles covering topics like browser support, assessments, and more.