Innovation Team

New Resources for Online Faculty

The Innovation Team is a new resource at UA, aimed at supporting and enriching online course development for faculty and content experts. We provide tools and resources, expertise and opportunities to experiment with using technology in new ways.  

Our goal is to help faculty

  • engage online students in active learning 
  • form strong, interconnected online academic communities
  • foster meaningful online classroom experiences among online students and faculty

Join us as we challenge, question, solve problems, and work creatively and collaboratively to support innovation in online courses for students enrolled in Bama By Distance programs.

New Opportunities

Join our Community

Visit the Innovation Team blog for teaching ideas, online resources, new technologies, and explorations in online teaching and learning. 

Participate in an upcoming Cross-Campus Technology Playground Event, jointly hosted by the Innovation Team and Learning in Action. Send email request to to join the Technology Playground mailing list!

Become a UA Innovation Scholar or Innovation Catalyst

Have you ever imagined the innovations you would like to implement in an online course, but lacked funding for technology, technical expertise, or a sounding board? The Innovation Scholar award programs, competitive programs supporting innovative efforts in online learning, could be your opportunity to turn your imaginations into reality. These programs fund faculty projects large and small, individuals and teams! Find out more and submit your proposal to become an Innovation Scholar.

The Innovation Catalyst program allows CCS staff the opportunity to experiment with new or exploratory technologies, processes, products, and services to advance the CCS mission.  Learn more about how to become an Innovation Catalyst.

Attend the Online Learning Innovation Summit (OLIS)

OLIS is a major campus-wide professional development event for UA faculty and staff, held in early February each year. Participants share their experiences and best practices for improving student outcomes through online learning and teaching technologies. Innovation in online teaching is recognized and honored at this key university-wide event.