The UA Online Learning Innovation Summit (OLIS)

OLIS is a cross-campus professional development conference focused on innovation in online learning, to be held on February 7, 2020.

OLIS participants share experience and best practice surrounding online learning and teaching technologies, in order to improve student outcomes.  Innovation in online teaching is recognized and honored at this key university-wide event.  OLIS 2020 will feature breakouts focused on course quality improvement and the pedagogical applications of Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as a lunch-time panel of student participants.

The College of Continuing Studies Bama By Distance and the College of Arts and Sciences are co-hosting OLIS 2020, supported by departments across campus and organized cooperatively by Dr. Nathan Loewen (CAS ETech), Cheryl Bosarge (Bama By Distance Faculty Development), Miranda Webster (Bama By Distance Instructional Design), and Dr. Jennifer Roth-Burnette (Capstone Center for Student Success).

What Will I Learn at OLIS 2020?

OLIS 2020 will include opportunities to use Adobe Creative Cloud products in the pedagogically sound design of course activities, to apply quality standards to the evaluation and re-design of an online course, to experience a menu of innovative design concepts and demonstrations, and to come together with faculty and staff from across UA for brainstorming, problem-solving, and purposeful conversation around online teaching and learning.

OLIS registration will be limited, as we work to cultivate a group large enough for significant impact, but small enough to allow for the brainstorming and idea-sharing we plan to foster through breakout sessions and huddle discussions.

What Did You Miss at OLIS 2019?

Keynote Speakers

The keynote presentation was given by leaders of The Air University Squadron Officer School. They shared how they use virtual reality and other simulation technologies to support Air Force leadership and development as well as team-building and critical thinking skills. Keynote presenters included Toni Hawkins-Scribner, Director, and Bradley Aldridge, Senior Educational Advisor, of the Learning Sciences and Technology Studio, as well as Lieutenant Colonel Brian Lebeck, Dean of Squadron Officer School.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions focused on concepts and principles, and implementing innovations. They included:

  • Getting Started with Online Teaching: The Basics
  • Inclusive Classrooms Through Digital Pedagogy
  • Facilitating Discussion and Learning About Identity
  • Retaining Learners in Online Courses
  • Fostering Community Online and Connecting with Students
  • Universal Course Design and Accessibility
  • Creating Video Content for Teaching and Learning
  • Designing Interactive Online Assignments
  • Supporting Service Learning with Online Teaching
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Online Environments


Technology Petting Zoo

Representatives from the Faculty Resource Center, Human Resources, and The Air University demonstrated educational technologies and provided hands-on opportunities for faculty and staff.


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