Mission and Vision

Research shows that the most successful innovations happen outside institutions before becoming the breakthrough products that power companies. Google, for instance, was hatched in a dorm room and the gasoline engine began as an experiment in Karl Benz’ workshop. The Innovation Team actively maintains a position near, but outside, the CCS course development process. Our status “outside the box” is intentionally aimed at fostering a spirit of experimentation and innovation: the ability to challenge, to question, to solve problems, and to work creatively and collaboratively toward defined goals.

The Innovation Team’s primary goal is to support and enrich online course development. We harness technology in new ways to engage online students in active learning, to form a strong and interconnected online academic community, and to increase the quality of online course deliverables.  These efforts, done well, will in turn not only increase retention and student success, but also enhance The University of Alabama's position as a nationally recognized brand leader in online education.