The College of Continuing Studies (CCS) provides financial compensation to support online course development. These courses either meet general education core curriculum requirements or are part of distance degree programs administered through the Division of Academic Outreach (AO). Typically, CCS awards compensation directly to the faculty member involved in development; however, the faculty member’s academic college and department may consider other financial arrangements. The following applies to faculty who are eligible for course development compensation.*

Formula Used to Calculate Compensation for Online Course Development

1.5% of 9-month teaching salary divided by 8 (typical workday average) = unit rate.

The unit rate is multiplied by the number of course development units to calculate the compensation amount.

Unit Categories

CCS categorizes each course as either a “New” development or a “Revision” of an existing course previously developed in collaboration with AO. The “Revision” category includes several sub-levels; how many depends on the content development necessary for course revision.

Unit Determination

A “unit” is a weighted factor based on how much development will be necessary for the defined course type.

Based on a three-credit-hour course, “New” courses are classified as 60 units.

Based on a three-credit-hour course, “Revisions” can be classified as either 20 units for a Minor Revision or 40 units for a Major Revision, depending on how much content development the faculty member completes.

During the course development process, AO’s instructional design team will determine the revision unit amount to calculate the faculty member’s compensation. The faculty member’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will stipulate the faculty member’s compensation. The MOU is the contract agreement between the faculty member and University of Alabama to develop the online course. Once AO determines the unit amount, the MOU will be completed and sent to the faculty course developer. This step usually occurs towards the end of the course development process.

AO assigns pre-determined unit rates to faculty classified as adjuncts or retirees.

Faculty course developers receive compensation after course development is complete, all reviews and department approvals are complete, and the course is ready for delivery. Course developers usually receive compensation within two months after course delivery.

Units Determination Rubric

Instructional Materials (excluding media content)