Utilizing a variety of content in online courses is a great way to increase student engagement. There are thousands of resources from which you can choose, however, before fully committing to a resource, there are a few things you need to know .

  • How do I know if I can use this resource in my online class?
    • We suggest you first consult the CCS Copyright Guidelines [PDF] before selecting any course resources.
    • You may use a resource if it falls under any of the below circumstances
      • The instructor is the copyright owner, or
      • The material is made available by linking to material on an existing website, or
      • The material is in the public domain, or
      • The use is within “fair use” under the law, or
      • The use is within another statutory exception.
    • If your resource does not fall under any of the above circumstances or you are not sure if does, then you should
      • Talk with your appointed Instructional Designer if you are in the process of developing a course.
      • Email CCS Tech Support if you are updating a single resource in an existing course.
      • Highlight the resource in your Initial Experience meeting if you are just starting to develop a course.
    • Do I need to seek permission to use this resource? If so, how do I do that?
      • If you have a resource that you know is not in the public domain (or you aren’t sure), then bring it up as soon in the development process as you possibly can. If you have an initial experience meeting, add it to your course outline and talk to the Senior Instructional Designer about it. If you don’t discover the resource until your design meeting with your assigned Instructional Designer (ID), that’s ok. Just highlight it in the meeting. Your ID will alert the appropriate person at CCS and begin the permissions process.
      • Seeking and securing permission to use a resource can take anywhere from a week to 3 months. Also, remember that no resource is guaranteed. Sometimes we cannot gain permission to use a resource or time simply runs out. For this reason, we suggest you select an alternative resource that you know you have permission to use.
    • Do I need to pay for the rights to use this resource? If so, who pays for it?
      • Payment and a licensing contract is usually required for resources not provided by the adopted course text book or for resource not already in the Public Domain. As long as the licensing fee is reasonable, CCS will pay for the use of the resource. CCS handles all the licensing paperwork and payment for such resources.
    • If I want to find a new resource, what are my options?

For further information about rights and resources, please contact Emily Sahib.

For Technical Support Contact:

 Email Technical Support

Phone:  (866) 205-1011