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The OLIS Planning Committee is comprised of members from 10 colleges and departments from across UA.

Planning Committee Members


Nathan Loewen Jennifer Roth-Burnette  Emma Wilson  Kevin Holbrook
Nathan Loewen,
CAS eTech
 Jennifer Roth-Burnette,
CCS Innovation Team
 Emma Wilson,
UA Libraries
Kevin Halbrook, 
Faculty Resource Center
Andrew Richardson  Beth Riggs John Burgess  Alison Lewis
Andrew Richardson,
CCS Innovation Team
 Beth Riggs,
School of Library and Information Science
 John Burgess,
School of Library and Information Science
Alison Lewis,
CCS Instructional Design
margaret rice Sebrena Jackson Abby Grammer-Horton  
Margaret Rice,
College of Education
Sebrena Jackson,
MSW Program Director
Abby Grammer-Horton
Capstone College of Nursing